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Each SPIRITUAL PORTRAIT is created in a space of deep and pure connection to your higher self. I connect with you... as well as my guides and teachers, to create this unique and beautiful piece of art.


Each piece is a reflection of this connection...created in full color...often with light language included.


You will also receive a written reading and explanation of the piece...the colors and images are explained for you.


Many clients prefer to order every six to eight to update their collection...and accurately see the spiritual progression.

The cost for each portrait is $111.00 + Free Shipping.      Portrait sessions available

All work will begin once payment has cleared

To expedite this service, please include the following information to the order notes during checkout:

Name of the person this work is being done for

Email address you would like to be contacted through


You will receive an email once payment is cleared, to further go over the details of what I need in order to complete the work. Thank you

All US residents enjoy Free Domestic shipping. Alternative shipping methods, such as Expedited services, Flat Rate, Priority and Express Mail can be made available to you, should you request it.


For International Orders, and all other alternative shipping options please message me to include all pertinent information per the location where you want your portrait shipped. From there, an invoice will be sent to you to include shipping costs; upon which time, you can pay using the invoice. Once payment is received, I will contact you to begin this work shortly

More information regarding shipping can be reviewed through the Terms of Service tab above. Thank you