Happiness Does Not Wait - Olafur Arnalds
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    NAMASTE ...Welcome...it is with love and gratitude that I welcome you to this new site.

    As a retired art educator, I am now dedicated to my spiritual purpose as a VISIONARY ARTIST...and co-creator of energetic transformational sessions.

I am an intuitive, clairvoyant LIFE COACH...ORDAINED MINISTER, and live a simple quiet life in the lovely desert of the southwest.

    Creation, for me,  comes from SPIRIT...as I listen...I am given clear direction...and I follow as given. This creativity comes in the form of painting and assemblage art.

    I live in LOVE...and every day is anew experience...an opportunity to raise the frequency of our beloved planet...one person at a time. I offer life coaching guidance from a spiritual intuitive perspective.

    My art is a blend of energies...I am inspired as I go...staying in the moment of pure connection.

    My guidance comes from a collective of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Extraterrestrial beings...known as MANY of the ONE. I speak a Language of Light...coming from Galactic realms...as a coded transmission. This is shared freely as a resonance for healing and uplifting the spirit. These sounds often come through in the SPIRITUAL PORTRAIT Sessions.

(See SPIRITUAL PORTRAITS Section for details).

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